Introduction to Waste Management (Duty of Care & Resource Efficiency)

Why do I need it?

This course will ensure employees who handle waste understand the financial and environmental benefits, as well as the legal requirements, of best practice in waste management. The cost of disposal is rising fast and the landfill space available to take waste is dwindling. Learn how to keep your company within the law and ahead of the competition.

Who should attend?

Anybody who disposes of or deals with waste will benefit from this course and it is applicable to almost every type of organisation.

Course Content

  •  Learn about different types of waste
  •  Know your legal responsibilities for waste
  •  How to conduct a waste audit to identify cost savings
  •  How to reduce, reuse and recycle waste
  •  Learn about disposal routes for remaining wastes
  •  Deal with waste safely
  •  Identify sources of help

Duration – 1 day with a maximum of 20 delegates per session.

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