Gap Analysis and Pre-Assessments

What is it?

Without knowing where you are, it is hard to decide where to go. A Gap Analysis or pre-audit assessment report considers your current compliance to a given standard. The report can play an important role in your registration effort to both guide your activities early on and give you assurance in your approach.

Do not wait for the external Pre-Audit or a Registration Audit to find out your approach is incomplete or incorrect. That is an expensive way to discover your problems and moreover the Auditor cannot consult and tell you what you can do to solve any problems. All they can do is point the problems out.

How can GTMS help you?

GTMS consultants have vast experience of implementing and assessing management systems against a variety of different Standards. Based upon a visit to your company we will prepare a report detailing areas that need attention and/or development and make recommendations on actions to take to become compliant. We also give advice on potential opportunities for improvement so that you can get the most benefit out of your management system.

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