COTC Coverage

Why Choose GTMS?

GTMS are fully aware and understanding of the difficulties of providing COTC cover for your site. The costs can be burdensome and finding a person you can trust to run your site even more so. GTMS lists former and current waste managers amongst its consultants who are all qualified to WAMITAB Level (4TMH).

We are aware that paying a consultant to provide temporary cover can be seen as costly. However, in order to make providing temporary cover as cost effective as possible for your business we will be pleased to carry out additional work while we are on your site.

For instance, we can review and assist with the undertaking of risk assessments, carry out legal compliance inspections or compile waste returns for the EA or your customers. We are always open to suggestions and would be happy to discuss any proposals that you may have.

What sites can we cover?

GTMS can provide temporary and support COTC cover for the following categories-

Level 3 Waste Management Operations:

  • ┬áInert Landfill (3INL)
  • Closed landfill (3CL)
  • Inert Waste (Treatment) (3INTM)
  • Inert Waste (Transfer) (3INTS)
  • Civic Amenity Site (3CAS)

Level 4 Waste Management Operations:

  • Managing Landfill Hazardous Wastes (4LH)
  • Managing Landfill Non – Hazardous Wastes (4LNH)
  • Managing Transfer Hazardous Wastes (4TSH)
  • Managing Transfer Non – Hazardous Wastes (4TSNH)
  • Managing Treatment Hazardous Wastes (4TMH)
  • Managing Treatment Non – Hazardous Wastes (4TMNH)
  • Managing Incineration (4INC)

To discuss your requirements and costs please call: 0845 094 3938 or eMail: