Health and Safety

Whatever sort of business you are, there is always the possibility of an accident or damage to someone’s health. All work exposes people to hazards, be they: loads which have to be manually handled; dangerous machinery; toxic substances; electricity; working with display screen equipment or even psychological hazards such as stress.

The reason there are not even more accidents and diseases caused by work is because systems of prevention are in place which have been built up over generations. Safety does not come about by accident: most accidents happen because they have not been prevented.

Yet despite all the precautions that are taken in the UK, there are still 1.6 million workplace injuries every year as well as 2.1 million cases of ill health caused or made more by work. This costs Britain up to £16 billion per annum or nearly 3 per cent of our Gross Domestic Product.

Green Triangle Management Systems has a wealth of experience in providing health and safety solutions to make your workplace safer, fulfil your moral responsibilities by protecting your employees as well as guarding the employer against expensive litigation claims.

We provide a range of health and safety courses through our partners at South Wales Safety

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